One-Hundred(ish) Words a Day

Small habits are pretty powerful. Last year I made it a goal to sketchnote every Sunday sermon of the church that I go to and when the year ended I wound up creating over 170 pieces of art. Normally, my goal would be much grander, I’d burn at it really hard for a short amount of time before losing momentum and quitting altogether. Yuck.

When I pulled this blog back up I at first had the idea of posting 1000 words each weekday. That’s a lot for me because I really just don’t write that much right now. I’m not at a job where email is very important, I don’t have customers or support tickets to answer and my social media posts tend to be small and art focused. Back to the 1000 words; that’s too much. I can already see the cycle where posting would be challenging but doable for a while, until I lose momentum and blow it off entirely. 100 seems like a smaller and more attainable goal.

On second though; I might shorten it. 🤔